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What To Do With Your Green Thumb In Winter

About now, gardeners’ green thumbs begin to twitch from inactivity. That need not be the case. There are plenty of things gardeners can do in the winter.

The first winter gardening activity that I suggest is planning for this spring. Depending on what you are thinking about for spring, 2012, you can sketch out plans for new beds and other significant improvements that you want to make. You can then take those plans to a professional landscape designer and have him/her provide you with finished plans that you can then use in the spring or give to your landscape contractor to install.

If you are planning less extensive projects, you may be able to just list the projects and then jot down a timeline and notes that you can refer to in spring. Keep these notes handy as you browse seed and nursery catalogs that have already begun arriving in the mail. This will give you plenty of time to order or, better yet, to check with your local, independent garden center(s) to be sure they stock or are willing to order your selections. Come springtime, you will only have to wait for the ground to dry sufficiently and the weather warm up and you will be ready to begin planting or construction.

Meanwhile, stay inside where it’s warm and give your houseplants a little extra tender, loving care.

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