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Jack Frost Isn’t All Bad Tonight

Although farmers and orchard owners are rightly concerned about tonight’s impending frost, there is no need for you as a gardener to panic. Granted, we have a number of landscape plants flowering earlier than usual. While the blooms that are already showing may be vulnerable, these plants should be hardy enough to survive and thrive […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers And More

An old song goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” However, spring brings much more, including some pests you don’t want. Many insects, especially aphids, mites and scale, overwinter on trees. When spring arrives, buds break and green leaves unfurl. That’s also a signal for overwintering insects to wake up and begin chomping on the new […]

Spring Is Issuing A Wake Up Call

The Ides of March signal the first awakening of spring. Other signs are all over your yard as your plants begin to wake up from their winter dormancy. Often, however, you have to look carefully to see them because they wake up with a whispering yawn rather than a great big shout. Right now, you […]