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Turn To Nature, Not The Calendar For Planting Times

Gardeners and farmers used to depend on the calendar, almanacs and journals to schedule their planting. That’s not necessary today, thanks to research by dedicated horticulturists.

One tradition that has lived on, however, is to keep a journal. Journals used to be important to gardeners and farmers. Important data were kept in them from previous seasons. The data included the dates on which the writer was able to begin working in the garden and when specific crops were planted and the weather conditions. Journals can help you plan your garden for the following year(s).

The only difference between the journals of old and today is that today’s will probably be kept on your laptop or tablet.

When I was growing up, planting flowers (annuals) on Memorial Day was a tradition. This was due partly to weather and partly to tradition. Today, however, you probably plant much earlier than Memorial Day. If you consult your journals, you will see that spring conditions are arriving earlier each year.

By jotting down weather conditions in your journal for each day, you can track the date and the weather for your first foray into the garden each year. This will unshackle you from the calendar’s grip. This is as it should be. If spring warmth arrives early, there is no reason not to greet it with beautiful flowers. This way, you can extend the enjoyment you derive from your garden.

The two biggest contributors to “G” Day (the day you launch the gardening season) are temperature and sunlight. Be sure that the chance of a spring frost is gone and be sure you have sufficient hours of sunlight.

If you follow these simple ideas, you won’t have to sit inside with one eye on the calendar and one eye enjoying your neighbor’s flowers before Memorial Day. Your gardening season will be in full swing long before the parade.

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