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Congratulations, Jeremy and Brian

Jeremy Passinault is the best tree climber in New York State, and Brian Krawczyk is the runner-up. That’s not just in Dave Dailey’s opinion. It is the opinion of some of the top arborists in New York State. You see, Jeremy won the New York State Arborists’ annual Tree Climbing Championship last Saturday (June 23) […]

Emerald Ash Borer Adults Have Taken To The Air

This is the one time of year when the emerald ash borer (EAB) can be seen, if you have good eyes. The tiny, metallic green adults have emerged from inside infested ash trees, and have taken flight in search of a mate. Your eyes have to be good to see EAB adults because they are […]

Prune Evergreens In June

  Your evergreens, especially conifers (pines, spruce, etc.) have been taking full advantage of our early spring weather conditions. You can tell this by the amount of new growth they are sporting. New growth is the lighter colored, softer needles that appear on the branch tips in spring. Soon that tender foliage will darken to the […]

Prune Shrubs After They Bloom

You’ve enjoyed beautiful, early spring blooms on shrubs like forsythia and lilacs. While they looked like a good “hair cut” would have made them look even better, you resisted the temptation. Now that the flowers have faded, you can go ahead with your pruning plans. That way, the shrubs will look nice as foliage plants […]