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Fall Is For Planting

Have you noticed a change in the weather over the past couple of weeks? It hasn’t been a drastic change, only a subtle change. The temperatures are moderating, it is raining more often and the days are getting shorter. This is a sure sign that fall is coming. As fall descends deeper upon us, we […]

Is Fall Coming Early?

Do you have tree leaves turning color and dropping already? It might seem as though autumn has arrived early. The calendar hasn’t jumped forward a couple of months, though. The early defoliation is due to the drought. In most cases, there is no remedy. Many trees will leaf out and come back to life in […]

What Do You Do With Your Brown Lawn?

Now that rain has returned, your lawn should be greening up. It may not be perfectly healthy yet, but there is probably more green than brown. So, give it as much time as you can to recover before you absolutely have to mow. If your lawn is long and green, go ahead and mow. I […]

Time To Check For Grubs

As summer begins its transition into fall, a persistent pest is again taking up residence in many area lawns. Grubs. Just the mere mention of the name strikes an emotional cord. The emotion may be anger, frustration, disgust, but these white crescent-shaped insects have been a pain in our lawn for decades. Grubs go by […]