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Prune With A Purpose

Agriculture, including horticulture and arboriculture, used to be done, to a great extent, by the calendar. The calendar approach has largely given way to a scientific research based approach. Research has shown, for example, that pruning should be done to meet certain objectives rather than according to time of year. The old school approach had […]

Split & Share Perennials

This fall, do something really nice for your gardening friends at no cost to you. Give them plants. No, don’t go out and buy plants. Take them from your garden. Fall is for planting. It’s also for splitting perennials. If you are a seasoned gardener, I’m sure you already split your perennials every year. If, […]

Why Leaves Need Raking (Or Blowing)

Have you ever wondered how forests can sustain themselves without human interference? You must have because many people ask me that question all the time. The answer is quite simple. Or is it? The forest is a natural ecosystem. All the plants are what gardeners call “volunteers.”  People didn’t plant them. The seeds may have dropped from […]

Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is for planting, but it is for much more as you prepare your gardens for winter. I have already covered fall planting, but there are a number of other tasks that should be done at this time. They include: Mowing Your Lawn. Continue to mow at 2 ½” to 3” until it stops growing […]