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Mulch – Soil Protection For The Winter

Winter in our area is unpredictable to say the least. Yet, your trees, shrubs and perennials have to stand out there and take whatever Mother Nature heaps upon them. You will have healthier, happier plants if you put boots on them. Boots? Yes, to protect their feet (roots). We know plant boots better as mulch. […]

There Is Still Time To Plant Spring Bulbs

Crocuses poking their colorful heads up through the snow is often Mother Nature’s first sign that spring is coming. When the daffodils follow, we know spring is really here, and that mass plantings of tulips and hyacinths will follow soon. Enjoying these flowers next spring means planning ahead now. Spring flowering bulbs need to be […]

How & Why Leaves Turn Color In Fall

  Mother Nature thinks of everything, doesn’t she? She even gives us a spectacular show of color as she prepares deciduous trees to withstand the winter wind, snow and ice. As you rake your leaves, do you ever wonder why leaves turn color and drop? Many people do because they ask me why green leaves […]