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Native Plants Are The Only Plants – True Or False?

Some gardeners and horticulturists are real purists. “Native plants are the only plants for our landscapes,” they proclaim, while looking down their noses at anyone who would even consider a plant native to the Midwest, let alone the far east. Not me! I choose plants for a number of criteria, only one of which is […]

Is It Poinsetta or Poinsettia

Some say tomoto and some say tomato. Some say poinsetta and some say poinsettia. In both cases, either pronunciation is acceptable. This traditional holiday houseplant, a native of Mexico, is named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Ambassador to Mexico (circa 1820). Poinsett was interested in botany, so he searched for new plant […]

Christmas Trees Are Farm Crops

Live Christmas trees are traditional. Going out and picking out a tree, regardless of whether it is already cut or you cut your own, is an important family activity for many. Once you get the tree home, the fragrance tells you that the Christmas season has arrived at your house. There are some Grinches out […]