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What Kind of Gardening Information Are You Looking For?

We have been blogging for about a year now, and the name of this blog is “Keeping Our World Green.” Are we providing you with the information you need to do that – keep our world green? Our blogs have touched on subjects of interest to all. We’ve tried to balance subjects for those who […]

Resist The Temptation To Prune Your Own Trees This Winter (Or Anytime)

Each month, a magazine published by the Tree Care Industry Association, reports on some of the tree-related accidents reported in the media. Any accident is one too many. However, those involving property owners pruning their own trees are 100 percent preventable. Last month’s issue reported on 15 accidents. Seven tree workers were killed and two […]

Gardening Trends To Look At In Spring

As the enduring backbones of our landscapes, gardening trends don’t often affect trees and shrubs. These plants represent major investments that are not usually replaced unless they die or suffer irreparable damage in a storm. What happens in the understory is a different story. Your planting beds are, or should be, changing all the time. […]