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There Are More Bugs Than EAB

The emerald ash borer’s aggressiveness has taken some of the heat off landscape pests that may appear more benign. However, these other pests are still around and need to be controlled. It is nearly impossible to completely eradicate an insect. However, they can be controlled. Aphids and scale never take a break from eating. That’s because they reproduce […]

A New Season of EAB Concern is Just Around The Corner

  As flowers bloom and green leaves break forth, green bugs will eat their way out of the trunks of ash trees. They are the adult emerald ash borers who will fly around until they mate. The females will then excavate holes in the bark of ash trees, lay their eggs, and another generation of the voracious pest […]

Do You Know What You’re Going To Do With Your Landscape This Spring?

Winter is the time when most people decide to repaint or redecorate their homes. This isn’t a statistical fact, just an observation. It’s the season when we spend the most time in the house and the walls can begin to close in on us. The same phenomenon should occur outside in our landscapes. Since we are on […]