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Do You Know What You’re Going To Do With Your Landscape This Spring?

Winter is the time when most people decide to repaint or redecorate their homes. This isn’t a statistical fact, just an observation. It’s the season when we spend the most time in the house and the walls can begin to close in on us.

The same phenomenon should occur outside in our landscapes. Since we are on the go more in the good weather and our growing season seems short, we often overlook updates to the landscape. If, however, you actually calculate the amount of time you spend in your yard and garden in the summer, you might be surprised. The growing season is more than half the year.

As a garden/landscape person, I look out the window quite often in the winter, and consider how I can improve on the landscape in the spring. The tasks that I come up with may be as simple as pruning back overgrown shrubs or pruning trees to improve their health. Or even simpler, it could involve just fluffing the mulch. Other times water features or night lighting or new plants cross my mind.

If you look out your window and see room for improvement, now is the time to begin planning. If you know something has to be done, but you don’t know what, enlist the services of a professional landscape designers. Our designers have been working through the winter, helping people realize the full potential of their property. Since our planting and installation crews schedule their work on a first come, first served basis, the people whose designs are being created now will have their dreams realized as soon as the spring planting season arrives.

It’s not too late. Begin working with one of our designers now, and get on the planting and installation schedule so you can enjoy your renewed, renovated or redesigned landscape all season long.

Working with a landscape designer can be fun. These professionals have the academic training and field experience to translate your thoughts into a beautiful setting for your yard. You may not know one plant from another, and wonder how you can share your thoughts with a landscape designer. All you have to do is let him/her know what results you expect. What do you want your landscape to achieve, its purpose, the feel that you want when you step outside. The designer will do the rest.

If you know what plants you want, the hardscape items you would like, and the shapes of the various elements, but don’t feel comfortable committing them to paper, a designer can help there, too.

It’s important to have a plan. In fact, it’s the only way to be sure your thoughts and ideas are implemented to your satisfaction. You wouldn’t think of decorating the inside of your home without a plan. Why would you tackle the vast outdoors informally?

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