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Spring Fertilization – Why You Need It

This has been a rough winter, not only for us but for our landscape plants as well. Cold weather lingered almost into May. Late spring means that plants are late leafing out, and our lawns are just greening up. This means they have not really started making food. They are still living on the food they had stored […]

What To Do For Arbor Day

Tomorrow, April 26 is Arbor Day, a day set aside for planting trees. But, what do you do if your property has enough trees? How about planting trees for somebody else? Or, how about giving the trees on your property some TLC? Have you ever been to Nebraska? It’s flat prairie land and, in the 19th century, […]

Check Your Lawn For Winter Damage

Now that spring has finally arrived and our lawns are starting to green up, this would be a good time to take a walk around your lawn to see how it fared the winter. Your lawn has a number of winter enemies. Some are mechanical, some are chemical and some are diseases. The most obvious, if you had […]

Don’t Rush Into Your Garden

After being cooped up with only potting mix dirtying your green thumb, you may want to go full bore into the garden on the first good day. You want to get real dirt on that green thumb! Resist that temptation. There are many sound reasons why Memorial Day is the traditional start of the gardening season in our […]

Time To Think About Spring Cleanup

The winter from which we are just emerging is more reminiscent of past winters than they are of the winter of 2011-2012. In harsher winters, our yards are probably going to need more spring cleanup than they did last spring. Living near Lake Ontario, I probably received more snowfall than those of you who live more inland. However, […]