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Congratulations, Brian Krawczyk….Again

Brian Krawczyk is, once again, the best tree climber in New York State. In early June, he journeyed to Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay on Long Island to compete in the New York State Arborists, ISA Chapter’s annual Tree Climbing Championship, and he won for the fourth time. The first two wins for Brian […]

Add Tranquility To Your Garden This Season

What can soothe more than the sound of gently running water? Nothing. That’s why water features are so popular in landscapes. Asian cultures have known about water’s calming effects for centuries. That is why a water feature is part of most Japanese and Chinese gardens. Water is also one of the four elements of Feng […]

Foundation Planting Dos & Don’ts

Foundation planting is, arguably, the most discussed question in landscaping. Should you? Shouldn’t you? Why not? Why? How do you make it look like the house is on a permanent foundation? These questions have been debated for decades. Shrubs were originally planted to hide Victorian houses’ foundations, which weren’t the most attractive part of the […]

Your Trees Need Regular, Professional Inspections

A recent weekend of high winds, capped off by a horrific tree-related fatal accident, brought into focus the vulnerability of trees. They may appear solid and healthy, but it is difficult for the untrained eye to know what is going on inside a giant tree. That’s why trees should be inspected by a certified arborist […]