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Mulch Will Help Plants Cope With Our Crazy Summer

Our last blog made suggestions about modifying your watering habits in the wake of our  wet spring and uncertain summer. Mulch can reduce the amount of work, and guess work, that you would be facing otherwise. Mulch plays a greater role in your landscape than just looking nice. Mulch moderates soil temperatures, reducing the time […]

New Rules For Watering This Summer

To water or not to water in summer is usually quite easy to determine. If we have a dry spring and summer, we have to water. If we have continual rain, we don’t. That’s not the case this summer. We had an extraordinary amount of rain in the spring – several inches above normal. In […]

Controlling Pests

Pest management is a bit more complex than weed management. That’s because control methods vary with each type of pest. As I pointed out in my last blog, there are only two methods of weed control – pull them out or spray them. If you select spraying, there are both organic and inorganic nonselective herbicides. […]

Controlling Weeds

Throughout history, weeds have been the bane of all gardeners. They take up valuable real estate and spread aggressively, “stealing” the water and nutrients intended for your desirable plants. But wait. Which plants are weeds and which are desirable? It depends on your viewpoint. It’s difficult to classify a weed. There is no “Weedus” genus […]

Organics vs Chemicals

Organic is one of today’s horticultural buzzwords, while chemical has been relegated to the status of a four-letter word. In horticulture, the word organic is open to wide interpretations, leading to confusion among well meaning people who just want to do what is right for the environment. First, let me define organic. More accurately, let […]