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This Is The Season For Lawn Grubs

Brown grass could be drought or grubs at this time of most years. This year, however, we have had enough rain that drought should not be a problem. So, if your grass has brown spots, check for grubs. The effect of grub attacks begin showing up in August. Grubs leave brown patches as they eat […]

EAB Is Still Our Enemy, And We Can Fight It Right Into Fall

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is still with us. We haven’t heard as much about EAB this year as we did last year because last year was its debut season in our area. This is not a pest that sneaked up on us. It had plenty of advance publicity. Nothing has changed. The EAB is […]

Mow High To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Imagine the trauma that your lawn suffers every time it’s mowed. Every time it starts to grow, the new growth is cut off. Actually, turfgrass takes these frequent mowings in stride, if they are done properly. Properly means starting with a good, sharp blade. If you have ever tried shaving with a less than sharp […]

Just Enjoy Your Landscape On These Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer

Your spring/summer gardening is finished and your autumn gardening hasn’t started yet. Kick back with a cool beverage and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is the time to smell the roses. After our wet June, hot, muggy early July weather, and the unpredictability from there forward, I recommend that you limit your gardening […]