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What Are Nativars?

Each new edition of the dictionary adds a longer and longer list of new words. Some are coined words but many are compound words or, in horticultural terms, hybrid words. One such word that has begun to creep into our vocabulary is “Nativar.” A nativar is a cultivar of a native species. The name is, […]

To Rake Or Not To Rake

Every fall, homeowners are faced with the choice of raking (or blowing) fallen tree and shrub leaves off their lawns or just letting nature take its course. Hopefully, raking wins out. Here’s why. While dead leaves make good compost, they can smother your lawn when left in their “raw” form. A virtually impenetrable mat of […]

Plant With A Purpose

Why did you plant your trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and even turfgrass where you did? Were you following a design? Did you just think it would look nice in that spot? Or, did you select that plant and that location for some other reason? I hope that, after reading this, you will have a purpose […]

Have A Health Plan For Your Landscape

It can be easy to forget that our landscapes are made up of living organisms. Unlike children and pets that jump and run, plants remain firmly rooted. Yet, when they flower and grow to the point that they need pruning, that should remind us that plants have health needs, just like family members in the […]