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Conserving Water

When planning your new landscape or landscape renovations for the spring season, don’t forget water conservation. While this is at the top of the list in many parts of the country, we are quite fortunate here. We have adequate water most of the time, except for infrequent summer droughts. However, being good stewards of the […]

Gardening Food For Thought This Winter

When the winter starts to get you down, think spring. It will come; it always does. Knowing what’s in and what’s out in gardening can make your yard the most beautiful and the most stylish on your street. Two surveys were our sources for this blog. One was conducted by the Garden Writers Association Foundation […]

Snow Shovels Are For Sidewalks, Not Trees

We just had our first significant snowfall and I had to cringe when I drove around the area. People were actually knocking snow off trees with snow shovels and brooms. Some were just shaking it off, which is just as bad. Brushing with your hands is the only technique that is not harmful to the […]