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Convert Your Patio Into An Outdoor Room

Have you seen the latest landscaping trend? It’s outdoor rooms. These are super patios with weather-proof furniture, full kitchens, fountains, garden art and all the comforts of a living room outside. Outdoor rooms are actually an extension of your home, like going from your  living room to a family room, except that this room is […]

Garden By Phone

Today, people are looking to their smart phones for information on almost everything, including gardening. The Arbor Day Foundation, for example, has an app to help you identify trees. It’s called “What Tree is That?™ and is available at The National Garden Bureau recently published a list of garden apps they had heard about. […]

Will Subzero Temps Kill The Emerald Ash Borer?

While we were experiencing subzero weather over the past few weeks, the question of whether these temperatures can kill the emerald ash borer has come up in conversation. It’s common knowledge within the green industry that many overwintering insects die off in such cold temperatures. But what about an insect like the EAB that lives […]

Winter Pruning After A Storm

The best time to have your trees pruned is before a wind, ice or snow storm. If, however, the storm came first this year, use that as a gentle reminder to prepare for the next storm by having your tree(s) professionally pruned. If your tree(s) suffered damage in storm damage, call us before the next […]

Are You Composting Yet?

What do you do with your food scraps? Adding your vegetable scraps to the compost heap has a number of benefits. For the environment, it reduces the waste stream going into landfills. For your compost pile, vegetative food scraps are often nutrient-rich and high in organic matter, and a good supplement to the dead leaves […]