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Winter Pruning After A Storm

The best time to have your trees pruned is before a wind, ice or snow storm. If, however, the storm came first this year, use that as a gentle reminder to prepare for the next storm by having your tree(s) professionally pruned.

If your tree(s) suffered damage in storm damage, call us before the next storm. The cost of pruning is much less than the cost to remove a large tree. Add the cost to replace a storm damaged tree to the equation and you have made quite an investment. Don’t worry about the weather. Our arborists are equipped to work in severe weather, and they are tree lovers who hate to see a tree suffer after a storm.

If your tree(s) didn’t suffer any damaged but had drooping limbs loaded with snow, call us to schedule pruning before the next storm. If you took photos while trees still had snow on them, our arborists would like to see the pictures when they come to do the pruning. This will help us determine which limbs are too weak to survive the onslaught of additional winter storms. The sooner you call, the better your chance of avoiding storm damage. That will give us time to check out your trees, look at your photos, make a proposal and do the work before they are subjected to any more winter stress.

As always, we warn that pruning is not a do-it-yourself project. It is dangerous work in the best of weather, but even more so in the winter. That’s why professional arborists like ours have special training, experience and equipment. We would hate to see you become a statistic for the sake of a few bucks.

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