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Plant Health Care Is Good For The Environment As Well As Your Landscape

These days, human health practitioners are advocating wellness care, which is also called preventive care or holistic medicine. It’s a fact that early diagnosis and treatment can often result in less aggressive treatment and a more positive prognosis. The same is true for your landscape plants. For this reason, arborists and landscape contractors have embraced […]

Trees Have More Value Than Just Looking Nice

We all know the obvious value of trees – they look nice, provide shade, supply us with fruit and nuts. However, trees also have other values that we may never think of, but they are extremely important to us, possibly even more important than the obvious values. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has identified […]

Small Space? Consider A Keyhole Garden

Regardless of the size of your yard, you can enjoy a landscape. One of the ways in which small gardeners can do this is with a keyhole garden. A keystone garden is a raised bed, drought-tolerant, sustainable garden. The plant material choices are whatever you want. In it, you can plant annuals or perennials, veggies […]

Designing Theme Gardens Within Your Landscape

Have you ever wished for a Japanese Garden? Or an Alpine Garden? Or a desert garden? You don’t have to have a large estate to make your wish come true. You can divide a typical suburban yard into any or all of these theme gardens. During the winter, think about what garden themes you would […]