Designing Theme Gardens Within Your Landscape

Have you ever wished for a Japanese Garden? Or an Alpine Garden? Or a desert garden? You don’t have to have a large estate to make your wish come true. You can divide a typical suburban yard into any or all of these theme gardens.

During the winter, think about what garden themes you would like right outside your windows. In addition to those listed above, you might want to consider a monochromatic garden in which all plants bloom a single color. White is, arguably, the most popular color for monochrome gardens, followed by black and white.

If you are under a lot of stress, you may want a portion of your yard to be a secret garden where you can go and relax. I’ve seen several of these gardens, the most memorable of which is in an area between the house and a tall stockade fence.

A tranquility garden is a variation on this theme. Often, a tranquility garden has a water feature – either a babbling brook, a waterfall or a fountain.  The sound of the water helps keep the sounds of the world away as you meditate.

A Zen garden is also for relaxing. The focal point of a Zen garden is a swirl of stones or sand that reminds you of flowing water. Asian plants surround this area, contributing to the peaceful mood set by the garden.

As you can see, the ideas are limitless. You and your designer decide which garden themes are best for the objectives you are trying to achieve and the transitions you would like between themed gardens.

Besides making optimal use of the land, multiple themed gardens in a yard can reduce the amount of maintenance required. This is especially true of lawn mowing. Since a good portion of the area will contain gardens, lawn may only be used in the transition zones. This will mean less watering, less fertilizer and other care products, as well as reduced mowing.

Themed gardens will also let you adjust your mood periodically by spending time in gardens representing different cultures and ways of thinking. You will have instant attitude adjustment without ever leaving home.

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3 comments on “Designing Theme Gardens Within Your Landscape

  1. So many good ideas. I can see many of the possibilities in my mind’s eye. Still some photos with the blog would be great.

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