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Is There A Perfect Plant?

The simple answer is, “No.” However, the more complete answer isn’t so simple. Identifying a perfect plant is like defining beauty. Both are in the eye of the beholder. In the case of plants, however, they are living organisms, so a plant that may be perfect in one environment may be totally out of place […]

Why Are We Going Crazy Over Containers?

Container gardening is all the rage now. They’re featured in many gardening magazines, blogs and gardening television programs. There are several reasons for this big interest in container gardening. Nationally, there is a migration back to city living. This means smaller yards and, for some, no yard at all. Those who live in apartments or […]

Be Crafty – Repurpose & Refocus

The prefix for this time in history is “re”. From it has come such words as recycled, repurposed and refocused. These are all things we can do with old stuff to make it interesting, attractive and useful. The “REs” are important components of today’s sustainability movement. When we think of repurposed items in the garden, […]

Why Are Little Bees Getting So Much Attention?

Bees have to be among the most misunderstood creatures on earth. People either love them or hate them. We all know that they make honey, and we know something of their social behavior, especially how they retaliate when agitated. Some people, especially those who are allergic to bee stings, avoid these buzzing bugs at all […]