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Ever Hear Of Domesticating Plants?

When talking to people about trees and plants, some will make the comment that trees live quite well on their own in the forest, so why spend money on caring for the trees in our yards. My answer is always a comparison with the family dog. The trees in our yards are about as far […]

Still Dealing With Winter Dieback

Here it is well into July and we’re still dealing with winter dieback. This year, it has been the worst I’ve ever seen. Usually, we get calls for small evergreens that weren’t protected with an anti-desiccant and have some brown needles. This year, we’re seeing whole trees and shrubs that turned brown. Taxus (yews) are […]

Mow High & Other Summer Lawn Tips

At what height is your lawnmower set? As the temperature rises, so should the height of your lawnmower. If it is set lower than 3 inches, raise it up to at least 3 inches; 3.5 or 4 is even better. Mowing high retains more leaf surface and results in less burning. The longer grass leaves […]

Summer Storm Damage Heightens Need For Tree Inspections

This summer, we’re getting more than our normal share of heavy wind and rain storms, and it’s taking its toll on our trees. We’re called out after each storm to remove trees from power lines so that electricity can be restored. Over the past few weeks, however, we’ve also been very busy removing tree limbs […]

Is Perfection In The Garden Natural?

Formal gardens like those in front of the mansion at Sonnenberg and other Victorian estates were created to be perfect, or as perfect as possible. While formal gardens are beautiful, even spectacular, they are not natural because nature isn’t that perfect. Rather, nature, while ordered, is really not formal or perfect. When left unattended, landscapes […]