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Reminder: Fall Is For Planting

This is my annual reminder that fall is the best time for planting many varieties of trees and shrubs. I said “many” because evergreens are best planted in spring. Trees and shrubs like fall’s warm days and cooler nights. Also, we get more moisture in the fall, although water hasn’t been a problem this summer. […]

It’s Lawn Grub Season

Grubs have plagued area lawns since long before I entered the tree and landscape business. However, they are now better controlled thanks to more people taking a keen interest in their lawns. Like most bugs, grubs are adventitious creatures. They go for the easiest meal, and that’s usually the weakest lawns. Good, thick, healthy turfgrass […]

Landscaping Projects For The Waning Days Of Summer

Due to its late start, summer seems to be speeding by at breakneck speed. If the season is passing faster than you can get your summer projects done, fear not, there is still plenty of time. Just choose your projects carefully. Select projects that won’t be affected by the forthcoming winter. Plant only late season […]

How Aggressive Are You In Your War On Weeds?

Weeds have always been the gardener’s nemesis. But, what is a weed? The most common definition is that a weed is a plant growing where you don’t want it. The late J. C. Raulston, for whom the arboretum at North Carolina State University is named, defined weeds as any plant having to deal with unhappy […]