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How To Prepare Your Landscape Plants For Bad Weather

Although we’ve enjoyed a relatively nice fall after a less than perfect summer, the lower temperatures are a sure indicator that winter is on the way. Some forecasters are predicting a repeat of last winter while others are convinced that this will be a mild El Nino winter. Will your landscape plants be prepared for whatever Mother Nature heaps upon them?

Here are five steps for protecting plants from damage and costly repair:

  •  Inspect your property for trees showing signs of instability. Look for cracks in trunks or major limbs, dead branches, aged or decaying trees.
  • Take action to remedy potential hazards. Trees with branches hanging over the roof or close to power lines could cause property damage. Have them removed before a storm hits.
  • Once a problem is found, have it taken care of right away. Have our professionals remove damaged or decaying trees and shrubs. We can also prune and remove branches close to power lines. Leaning trees may have root issues, so have them inspected by one of our 10 Certified Arborists.
  • Document tree and shrub value. Properly maintained trees and shrubs may increase property value by up to 20%. A Certified Arborist can provide an estimated value by inspecting your trees. Keep a good record with photos of the trees and the arborist’s evaluation.
  • Hire one of our Certified Arborists to develop a master plan for your shrub and tree care. He/she can also determine if broken trunks and limbs should be removed or if uprooted trees can be saved or replanted.

You have a major investment in your landscape. Don’t let the weather wash out or blow that investment away.


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