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Edible Landscapes Gaining In Popularity

Last May, we introduced the concept of integrating edible plants (veggies) into your flower beds. At the time, this was a relatively new concept that was just starting to gain traction. Well, it appears that it didn’t take long to find significant appeal. Each year, the Garden Writers Foundation sponsors research into garden trends for […]

Why Don’t Trees Freeze & Break?

The answer to the title question is that they often do freeze and break. Have you ever seen cracks running up and down the trunk of a tree? This is caused by the freezing and thawing of water in the outer portions of the trunk. In the tree care industry, these are referred to as […]

Plan For Next Winter This Winter

I’ve written about how to create winter interest in your landscape and, hopefully, you’ve done some of these things. Now that winter is upon us, here are a few more ways in which you can use this winter to plan for next winter. In the spring, add some plants to your garden that have winter […]

Mulching With Christmas Trees

We have received a number of inquiries asking whether chipped up Christmas trees can be used for mulch, and whether the chips can be spread now or whether they have to be aged. The answer to the first question is that they can be used now, as long as the tree was healthy. If you […]