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Emerald Ash Borer Preparing To Make Its Annual Appearance

While we were nestled snugly away in our homes during the harsh winter, emerald ash borer larvae were snuggled inside ash trees feasting away. Right now, they’re in the final days of pupation. Soon metamorphosis will be complete and the little, metallic green adults will chew “D” shaped holes to the outside. The adults have […]

Celebrate Arbor Day This Weekend

Arbor Day is this Friday, April 24. Few people can observe this day on Friday, however, due to work, school and other commitments. So, why not celebrate Arbor Weekend? Trees don’t care if they’re planted on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day for that matter. Make your Arbor Weekend a family affair. Look through […]

Making Spring Gardening Easy

A good starting point for planning your 2015 gardening and landscape work is to consult your journal. Last May, I suggested that you manage your landscape by keeping a garden journal. If you did that, you’ve probably already consulted the journal to schedule this year’s activities. If you didn’t start a journal last year, consider […]

How To Apply Your Newfound Knowledge

If last week’s blog inspired you to expand your horticulture knowledge, I’d like to make some suggestions on how you can share that knowledge. There’s a real need for this knowledge beyond the confines of your own, private garden. The Webster Arboretum and Rochester Civic Garden Center were two suggested sources for horticulture-related educational classes. […]