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How’s Your Garden Whimsy?

Do you want a stiff, formal garden or a more whimsical garden? Whimsy is defined as endearing quaintness or oddity. A secondary definition is an impulsive notion. Synonyms include humorous, quirky and eccentric. I like to define garden whimsy by the first two synonyms. It should reflect your sense of humor. If you are quirky, […]

Choosing Bedding Plants

Choosing bedding plants for your garden is like choosing paints for an artist’s palette. The one big difference, however, is that the plants are alive. Bedding plants can be annuals or perennials or a combination of the two. You might even include some small shrubs in your beds. In addition to selecting plants for their […]

Why Plant Health Care Is So Important This Year

Imported, invasive pests are coming at us in droves. Last week, I wrote about the emerald ash borer, but this is only one invasive pest that came from abroad. Granted it’s getting most of the attention because it’s the most active invasive here. Last month, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County held a first detectors […]