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Still Time To Start A Lawn Care Program

Now that the sea of yellow has disappeared from your lawn, are you wishing you had contracted for professional lawn care? If so, you still can. Dandelions aren’t the only weeds that will live in your lawn this growing season. Remember, weeds are what we call “adventitious” plants. When they see an opening, they fill it.

A nice, thick lawn discourages weeds. One way to encourage a thick lawn is to mow high – no less than three inches. Another way is to fertilize. Fertilizer is the backbone of a lawn care program. If your turfgrass has all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, it will grow nice and thick, and will discourage weeds.

Sure you can spread fertilizer and weed control yourself, but when you calculate the cost of materials and the value of your time, is it worth it? Then you also have to remember your application times throughout the season. If you forget, you can be sure the weeds will be happy to live in any square inch of empty real estate.

We don’t know what the summer will bring. Our weather now may be a prelude to a hot, dry summer. A healthy lawn now has the best chance of springing back in the fall. Turfgrass has the ability to go dormant in hot, dry weather, thus the brown color. You can water it all summer, but few people do, what with the cost of water and all. When the temperatures moderate and the rain returns in fall, healthy lawns green right up.

Here are a few reminders if your lawn does brown up this summer. Avoid walking on it. The crunch underfoot is blades of crispy grass breaking. This means no mowing; it doesn’t need it. It also means no fertilizer; the plants are dormant.

I’ve written about the annual gardening surveys, which this year have concentrated on Millenials and the time constraints that prevent them from working on their lawns and landscapes. We’re here to help.

New lawn care customers can start now and we’ll prorate the annual fee so they won’t be billed for the spring applications they didn’t receive.

One comment on “Still Time To Start A Lawn Care Program

  1. Great post. I always value good information that is helpful to those that may not understand some of the finer points of lawn care.

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