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Keeping Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Now that your trees are all leafed out, how do they look? Nice and green? Plenty of foliage? This is a good sign that they’re healthy. To be sure, though, I recommend that you call for a tree inspection by one of our 10 Certified Arborists.

We’ll check the trunk, branches and roots to be sure they’re healthy. We’ll be on the lookout for insects, especially those that bore into the wood to do their damage. We’ll also examine your trees for diseases like rot that attacks branches, trunks and roots.

Our arborist will make long term recommendations for keeping the trees healthy. If they need immediate attention, you’ll be made advised of the action needed to repair any hazardous conditions that can cause injury or property damage.

Your trees may just need pruning to thin and lighten the crowns and reduce the chance of a branches breaking in a windstorm. Treating for insects and diseases may be needed. If dead branches have to be removed due to insect or disease damage, aesthetic pruning may be called for to restore the tree as close to its natural form as possible. In extreme cases, a tree may have to be removed if hazardous conditions endanger people and property. Removal is a last resort, however. Our arborists are a creative group. They are able to save many trees that a non-professional would cast on to the woodpile.

Trees are landscapes’ skeletons. They give it structure. They also take a long time to grow to the point that they can assume that awesome role. During their growth, families often form an emotional bond with their trees. Cognizant of this relationship, we don’t take the decision to remove a tree lightly. Even if you aren’t emotionally attached to your trees, you should be aware of a financial consideration. You can heap a great deal of professional care on a tree for the cost of removing it. And, in the end you’ll still have your tree, rather than a bill for removing it and another for replacing it.

One comment on “Keeping Your Trees Healthy This Summer

  1. I definitely formed attachments to trees when I was a kid. I played in them all the time. Even now I have a strong attachment to the trees in my yard and want to keep them healthy. I also want to be able to build a tree house for my kids. Should I have an arborist come and check my trees before I try building one?

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