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Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

Good news! Barring any sudden, severe drought at this late point in the summer, preparing your lawn for fall will be a bit easier than it would in a normal year. We’ve had no dry spell this summer. Consequently, the grass didn’t go dormant, brown up, crunch under foot and create good conditions for weeds […]

The Easy Way To Enjoy Mums Or Any Other Containerized Plant

If you’re one of those people who’s not gardening due to time constraints, I just found some time for you. Try “pot-in-pot” gardening. There’s nothing to it. Although developed for nursery production applications, this process is now finding favor among time-strapped home gardeners. The traditional way of planting containerized plants is to buy nursery stock […]

What The Heck Is Bed-Head Gardening?

When I come across a new gardening term or fad, I like to share it with you. New for 2015 is Bed-Head Gardening. The term got its name from the way many of us look when we get up in the morning. When you look in the mirror and see that mussed up hair, it’s […]