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Animal Proof Your Plants For Winter

Remember last winter when the snow and cold weather turned your valuable landscape into a buffet for deer, rabbits, mice and other mammals? We don’t know what this winter will bring, but it’s best to follow the Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared. This is the right time of year to begin planning your strategy […]

Why Fertilize?

Fertilizer companies advertise their product as plant food. Who would want to starve a plant by withholding food? So, people buy the product. According to the late tree biologist, Dr. Alex Shigo, however, plants make their own food so fertilizer is not plant food. Good soil is full of minerals, beneficial fungi and bacteria, and […]

Fall Is For Planting

Horticulture has two mantras that we always remind you of when talking or writing about planting. One is “right plant, right place,” which we’ll discuss later. The other is “Fall is for Planting.” Fall is the ideal time to plant almost everything from lawns to trees. There are a few plants, however, that should be […]

Divide A Perennial – Be A Friend To Your Garden & Other Gardeners

You can make three gardening friends happy and your garden happy with just a few minutes of work. All you have to do is divide an overgrown perennial. A few more minutes to split another perennial and you can please three more friends and your garden will be even happier. Fall is the best season […]

Preparing Your Landscape For Fall & Winter

After spending time enjoying the summer beauty of your landscape, it will soon be time to begin preparing it for fall and winter. I recommend taking time during these last few weeks of garden leisure to write down all the tasks you will have to do before winter sets in. That way, you can prioritize […]