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Store Pesticides And Fertilizers Properly This Winter

Have you applied pesticides or fertilizer this season? If so, where is the leftover material stored? On the floor of your unheated garage or garden shed? Where are you going to store them for the winter? Same place? Bad idea!

Pesticides and fertilizer should be stored, preferably in their original containers, in a cool, dark, dry environment. They should be kept from freezing and away from open flames and excessive heat. For specific storage instructions, read the package label.

Keep pesticides and fertilizers that were sold in bags or cardboard cartons away from moisture. This means up, off dirt or concrete floors. Also make sure all opened packages are well sealed and stored away from children and pets.

You may be able to make your storage job very easy. Check the packages to see if they have expiration dates. If a product is out of date or you have been storing it improperly for years, it’s best to get rid of it and start fresh in the spring.

Disposing of pesticides and fertilizer is easier said than done. It’s on a par with electronics, prescription drugs and batteries. First check the label for disposal instructions. Pesticide labels have to be approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) before products can be registered. State and local laws, however, may be more restrictive than the disposal instructions on the product label.

Our home county – Monroe County –  has a procedure for disposing of pesticides, fertilizers and other hazardous wastes. All the details are at monroecounty.gov/ecopark. If you live outside Monroe County check with your town or county to find out how to dispose of these materials.

Pesticide selection, use and disposal is serious business. It isn’t just some “stuff” that you buy to try to take care of a problem. It has to be handled properly to be effective and to protect you and the environment. If you’d prefer to not have to deal with handling these products, we have a full staff of lawn care and Plant Health Care professionals, licensed by the state, who can take that chore off your hands.

One comment on “Store Pesticides And Fertilizers Properly This Winter

  1. I have never thought much about this particular issue before. It is funny how accustomed you become to dangerous pesticides and how quickly you forget that they affect us too. I know the perfect place in my garage where they can be out of reach and dry like you suggested. Thank you for the helpful information!

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