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Gardening Gifts For The Holidays

With the holidays coming, I’d like to help you with your gift selections. If you have a person on your list who has everything, here are some ideas.

If that person is a gardener, or interested in plants and landscaping, there are many gifts that you can give. If he or she isn’t a gardener but has a nicely landscaped home, there are still a number of green gift choices. The selection is dictated by your budget.

For gardeners, you might consider a book or a gift card to their favorite garden center. There are thousands of titles to choose from. Some are self published and others are published by companies like Timber Press and Cold Springs who specialize in gardening books. Check the gardening sections of local and national bookstores or go online to amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. For self published books, just Google the specific gardening topic – for example, air plant books.

A live learning experience may be another option. Enroll your friend in the Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener program or a membership or course at the Rochester Civic Garden Center. The center’s catalog of courses can be downloaded at rcgc.org. Ticket information for the center’s annual spring symposium is also on that site.

For both gardeners and non-gardeners, consider a gift of Birchcrest services, such as a Plant Health Care program, a lawn care program, winter pruning of their favorite trees, or spring clean-up. Or, you can just give a Birchcrest gift certificate and let the recipient choose the service.

There you have it; some  gifts for personal growth and some to make the growing  season easier for your gift recipient. When it comes to the person who has everything, they can’t have everything gardening. There are just too many choices.

One comment on “Gardening Gifts For The Holidays

  1. My mom is wanting to remodel her backyard soon, but she isn’t sure what kind of materials she’s going to need in order to do that. This being said, I really appreciate you sharing with me some insight on things I can look into getting her for Christmas coming up. I’ll be sure I take a look at some of the things you listed off and see what I can find. Thanks a ton for the help.

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