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Prepare Your Trees For A Damaging Storm

We don’t know what kind of winter we have in store. Although the weather has been quite mild so far, we can’t be sure what 2016 will bring. Meteorologists don’t even agree on their long range forecasts. So, it behooves us to be prepared.

It has been some time since the whole Rochester area has been hit by a tree-breaking storm. I won’t go out on a limb (pun intended) and predict that we may have one this winter. But I always err on the side of caution. That’s why I’m suggesting that you prepare your trees just in case. You don’t have to reconcile yourself to the inevitable “if it’s meant to be.” Here are some protective actions you can take.

  • Survey your property for trees showing signs of instability. Look for cracks in trunks and major limbs, dead branches, and aged or decaying trees.
  • Take action before a storm to remedy potential hazards that could cause property damage. Pay particular attention to branches that hang over the roof or those close to power lines.
  • Prevent damage by being proactive. If a hazard is found, contact us to repair or remove damaged or decaying trees. If you have branches close to power lines that need to be pruned or removed, we can advise you on whether they are your responsibility or the utility’s. We can also advise you on whether leaning trees have root problems that our arborists should repair.
  • Document tree value. Properly maintained trees may increase property value by up to 20%. Our arborist can provide an estimated value by inspecting your trees. Then keep a good record, with photos, of the trees, and our evaluation, in a safe place.
  • We can develop a master plan for your tree and shrub care. We can also determine if broken trunks and limbs should be removed or if uprooted trees can besaved or replanted.

Remember, it usually costs more to remove and replace a tree than it does for preventive care. Protect your valuable investments (the trees, your house, cars, pool and lawn). Take the advice above and be sure your trees are able to withstand anything Mother Nature chooses to heap upon them this winter.

One comment on “Prepare Your Trees For A Damaging Storm

  1. I really liked your post! We often experience rough winter storms where I live, so I’m happy I was able to find your post! I had no idea that there were so many things that I could do to help prepare my trees for the coming winter storms. I especially liked that you mentioned how important it is to survey my trees for signs of instability. While I am not an arborist, I think that doing this before a storm arrives could help me to avoid damages to my property. There’s supposed to be a large storm coming in next week, so I’m going to inspect my trees for damage as soon as I can. Thank you for the advice!

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