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Winter Plant Ideas

Some gardeners’ green thumbs are already starting to get itchy. If you are one of those facing a long winter before you can start getting dirt under your fingernails again, there are a number of gardening things you can do in winter, First, of course, is to give your houseplants tender loving care. Another is […]

Make PHC Decisions Now While Bugs Are Dormant

Do you have a Plant Health Care (PHC) program in place for 2016? If not, this would be a good time to make the move. Going into the new year with a PHC program in place lets us attack your plants’ enemies while they are asleep. Most insects are dormant now, so, if you sign […]

Why Are Some Plants Winter Hardy And Others Not?

Ever wonder why some plants are hardy enough to grow in our climate and others aren’t? The biology would take much more space than I have and require many more words than you want to read. So, I’ll give you the simplified version. Hardy plants have evolved methods for acclimating to the pending cold weather. […]

Are You Concerned About Road Salt Damage?

In most winters, we would have had to wash salt off our cars several times by now. How many times have you had to so far this year? Some areas of the country are experiencing major storms, and road salt consumption is probably comparable to or a bit ahead of previous years. This has led […]