Why Hire A Lawn Care Service?

If you’ve never looked into using a lawn care service, this year would be a good time to do so. Even though it’s May, there’s still time to apply the complete program.

You may have always applied your own fertilizer, weed control and grub control. Have you ever added up the cost of materials? Then added in how many hours it takes you to complete the applications? Then factor in missing applications because you were too busy or just forgot. Finally, compare all of your costs to the price of a lawn care service.

Your time is an important consideration. Time constraint is one of the reasons why many gen Xers and Yers, as well as millennials, are hiring out all of their gardening and landscaping work. Members of older generations are also looking at younger adults and deciding that they might be on to something.

Choice of control material is another good reason to leave this type of yard work to the pros. This applies to both lawn care and tree & shrub care. While a material may be legal, there could be environmental reasons not to use it. Before starting to write this, I read that one major chemical company is dropping a whole class of pesticides because the active ingredient is harmful to pollinators, especially bees. This is information that doesn’t always make the daily media.

We are concerned about the environment. For this reason, we make each lawn applications at the time it will work best on your lawn and won’t adversely affect the environment.

If you want to just sit and watch your grass grow this season, rather than putting forth all the effort needed to help it grow, give our office a call for a quote on a professional lawn care program.

6 comments on “Why Hire A Lawn Care Service?

  1. Not everyone has all the time in the world to take care of things around the house. Individuals are usually busy with jobs, taking care of children, running errands, and more. Having someone maintain your lawn will insure that it stays looking good even when you can’t take care of it. And, you don’t have to worry or stress about any of it!

  2. I really appreciate this article because it talks about the hassles of the everyday DIY landscaper. I think there is a huge benefit in hiring a professional lawn care service. I can talk talk from experience and say that these guys always know what will work best, and it’s their full time job so you can guarantee they will do a great job.

  3. I’ve been thinking about hiring a lawn care company to take care of my lawn. You mentioned that if you add up the cost of materials, hours, and chemicals you use, you will often find that it financially makes more sense to hire out the work. For me, I know that the issue is saving time. I’d rather spend that time with my nieces and nephews than spending that time maintaining my lawn. Really enjoyed the read.

  4. I think one of the main reasons why I hire professionals is because I am so busy! I just simply don’t have time to mow my lawn or weed or do things like that. The lawn service does such a nice job with it every time. It takes off such a stress from me!

  5. Nice idea for your article, we have all the best lawn care experts to maintain the great looks of your garden.

  6. Very informative article! Thanks for the tips also! It’s true that time constraint is one of the reasons why many millennials like me, are hiring out all of their gardening and tree removal ri. I’ve started to realize that my landscaping isn’t come up to my standards, so that seems like a great way to check out and consult with some local tree service provider for my backyard. Next year, my father would come to visit my house near RI area, he may be supprised with what i’m planning,

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