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Cool Your Roots With Mulch

Mulch provides your landscape plants with many benefits. The most obvious is the finished look it gives your landscape. Its most important benefits, however, occur below ground. Mulch retains moisture and releases it over time, and it also moderates soil temperatures. These are important considerations this summer. Remember the prediction that this will be a […]

Be On Guard For Ticks, Mosquitoes And Other Pests

Your landscape may be home to insects that don’t attack your plants but do attack you, your family and your guests. Mosquitoes and ticks come to mind because they’ve been in the news lately. Mosquitoes are carriers of numerous diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus and, most recently, the Zika virus. As they suck human […]

Be Prepared To Irrigate This Summer

  Remember last summer? It was rainy enough that Mother Nature took care of our irrigation for us. From the long range forecasts I’ve heard, that will probably not be the case this summer. The forecast is for excessive heat and little rain, although you wouldn’t know it from the weather over the past week. […]

Deadhead To Extend Your Plants Blooms

You invested money and effort in a colorful landscape. For maximum return on your investment, deadhead. In this context, deadheading has nothing to do with a 60s rock band. It has to do with removing spent flowers from your plants before they can go to seed. The practice is also called pinching. Some gardeners believe […]

Time To Trim Shrubs & Hedges

This is the time of year when some landscape plants have a bad hair day every day. This is especially true for shrubs and hedges. This is a good time to give most of them a haircut, or even a new hairstyle. I say most shrubs and hedges because some haven’t bloomed yet, and you […]