Mowing Your Rejuvenated Lawn

Meteorologically, July is the hottest month of the year in our area. Now that August has arrived, the 90º days should fade to just a memory. The rain will return, the grass will grow and we’ll be back to our weekly lawn mowing routine.

Don’t be too quick to begin mowing again. Remember, your grass has been through a difficult period. What your lawn has gone through could even be described as traumatic, so be sure it’s thoroughly greened up and let it get some growth before you mow.

The lawns that took the worst beating were those that were cut short. Those that were mowed at three inches or higher fared better. If your mower was set below three inches, I recommend that you raise it to at least three inches before you mow again, and wait until the grass grows to at least four inches before mowing.

Continue to mow at three inches until the last mowing of the season. Then drop the mower deck down to two inches. Mowing at three inches exposes more green leaves to the sun so the plants manufacture more food through photosynthesis. More food means a healthier, thicker lawn, and this discourages weeds. If you mowed short, you probably noticed that weeds continued to grow during the dry period. However, mowing short for the last mowing will reduce the risk of an attack by winter turf diseases.

It’s best to be sure your lawn is well on its way back to normal before mowing. You don’t want to leave wheel tracks in the grass. This will happen if you mow while the lawn is wet or before all the grass has greened up.

Our lawn care professionals had to suspend many of their July treatments due to the dry conditions. They were only able to treat those lawns that were watered and remained green during the dry spell. We’ll work hard to make those postponed applications as soon as the weather returns to normal.

Even if you weren’t on a lawn care program, you can call us for individual lawn care services like fertilization, weed control and grub control. Who knows; you may like the service so much that you’ll want an all-season lawn care program next year.

2 comments on “Mowing Your Rejuvenated Lawn

  1. Yeah, exactly! Let your grass grow more and then you can proceed ahead with mowing it.

  2. Thanks for the great content. Can’t wait to read more of your works.

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