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Kill Weeds Before They Go To Seed

Ever notice how certain weeds like dandelions pop up in spring before almost anything else? Nature has equipped these plants with a very simple mechanism for doing that. They produce seeds late in the season, which fall to the ground and lie latent during the winter. They’re all ready to germinate as soon as weather conditions are just right in spring.

You can short circuit that cycle by killing these weeds and their seeds this fall. Apply a broadleaf weed killer before they go to seed. To be sure there are no latent seeds lurking in the garden or on your lawn, also apply a weed preventer. Some products include both a weed killer and preventer in the same package.

Be careful of what product you buy and how you apply it. Herbicides may be selective or non-selective. Selective products will kill only the weeds for which they are labeled. Non-selective herbicides will kill any green plant. Products like Glyphosate (Roundup) are non-selective so you have to be very careful applying it, especially in flower beds. Spot treat in flower beds by applying the material only to the target weeds. Glyphosate can also be purchased in a formulation that includes a weed preventer.

If you prefer not to use a chemical pesticide, there are natural products on the market. They contain active ingredients like clove oil and vinegar. These products don’t provide long term control, however. They only kill the leaves because the material doesn’t make its way to the roots. There are also recipes on the internet for making a natural herbicide using salt, vinegar and dish soap.

As with any pesticide, it’s important to read the label carefully and follow its directions and warnings to the letter.

If you want to eliminate the fuss and bother of having to read all that tiny label print, you can call us and one of our Plant Health Care professionals will be happy to check your property and take appropriate action to get rid of the weeds and keep them away.

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