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Time To Make Lawn & Plant Health Care Decisions

Early January may seem like an inappropriate time to be thinking about lush, green lawns and healthy trees and shrubs. For those of us in the business of keeping them healthy, this is the season when we have to renew annual contracts so we can order products and put trained people in place.

For this reason, lawn care and Plant Health Care customers found a thick envelope from Birchcrest among the holiday cards in their mail. The envelope contains your renewal information.

Most of the packet is government-required technical information about the products we’ll be using. The first page is the actual contract, and an opportunity to pre-pay for the whole season.

Customers tell us they appreciate pre-paying. Then, throughout the growing season, they can relax knowing that the only evidence that we’d been there are those ubiquitous yellow signs, rather than an invoice hanging from the door as well.

If you aren’t currently on a lawn care and/or Plant Health Care program, call us and sign up for this peace of mind during the 2017 growing season.

We don’t know what kind of a summer 2017 will be. Like always, though, we’ll be prepared and want to make it easy for you to be prepared, too.

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