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Plan Lawn Renovations Now

You may not always be able to see your lawn under the snow but this is the time you should begin thinking about the work that has to be done to it this spring. What did it look like last fall? Were there big bare spots that didn’t spring back from the summer drought? If you didn’t renovate, or have it renovated, it should be at the top of your spring landscaping to do list. If there were thin spots that need overseeding, that, too, should be at the top of your list.

Repairing your lawn first thing in the spring will let you take full advantage of spring rains to get it established before precipitation levels off or disappears for the summer. This means less watering on your part, resulting in cost savings and time saved from not having to monitor the sprinkler.

You may need to do some repair work on your lawn even if you had renovated the drought damage. How early or late in the fall you made the repairs will govern how strong the new grass was before the weather turned cold and the lawn went dormant.

The more time your repaired lawn had to become established, the better it will be able to withstand the fungal diseases that can attack even healthy lawns in the winter. If big patches of grass appear brown or gray, possibly forming rings, you’ll have to renovate these areas. Those are signs of the fungal diseases that can disfigure lawns over the winter.

Your renovation schedule will be governed by how quickly the soil dries out in spring. Since you have to rake up the dead grass and rough up the soil and then rake the seed into the soil after you spread it, the soil needs to be relatively dry, especially near the surface. Mud doesn’t rake well.

By monitoring the lawn throughout the winter, you’ll know when the soil begins to dry up and be ready to renovate on the first suitable day.

If you don’t want to monitor your lawn throughout the winter or to go through the work of raking the dead grass, roughing up the soil, fertilizing, planting the seed, raking it into the soil and watering it in, call us and have our lawn professionals take care of all the renovation tasks for you.

You should plan ahead even if you are having us renovate the lawn for you. Then you can be scheduled early in the spring. We’ll need enough time for one of our lawn care professionals to visit the property between snowfalls to examine the extent of the damage, present you with a price quote and still be able to place you on the early schedule.

Another benefit of professional repair: our pros can look at a lawn and know what variety of seed they need to match what you have so it won’t look like a patchwork quilt. That alone is worth the cost.

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