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Caring For Spring Flowering Bulbs

Caring For Spring Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs are, arguably, the most carefree, low maintenance flowers you can plant in your landscape. However, there’s no such thing as a maintenance-free plant, just low maintenance. The little crocus will soon make its appearance as the harbinger of spring. Even if there’s snow on the ground, the flowers will pop right up through the […]

What Right Plant/Right Place Really Means

Green industry professionals have been throwing the mantra “Right Plant/Right Place” around quite liberally for the last few years. Ever wonder what it really means? When so many different people, all with different agendas, have jumped on the bandwagon, the true meaning can become rather clouded. The original meaning, and the one to which Birchcrest […]

Use Winter Thaws Wisely

This winter has been typical for a La Nina winter, according to the TV meteorologist I like to watch. He said that we would have our share of ups and downs – periods of cold and snow followed by periods of mild weather. If this weather pattern continues, it will, you can use the mild […]

Early Planning For Spring Landscaping

Winter is the perfect time to prepare for spring landscaping and to make your wish list of updates you’d like this season. You aren’t rushing like you would be once the season starts, and our landscape designers have more time to spend with you. Last week, I wrote about budgeting for this season’s landscaping. Once […]