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Time To Spring Into Action

As March exits like a lamb and April steps up to usher in spring, the time has finally come for you to, once again, step outside and begin waking up your landscape from its winter nap.

April is when you should cut back your ornamental grasses and remove that extra inch or two of mulch you spread to protect plants from winter cold.

This also a good time to cross a couple of the leftover fall tasks from your list. If you didn’t get around to dividing perennials, you can do it as soon as they appear above ground. If you split perennials now, you won’t have to contend with a lot of foliage. They are easier to handle when you only have the root and a little emerging foliage.

This is also the time to arrange for a dormant oil application to your trees and shrubs. This is, arguably, the best all round insect control material with the least amount of environmental impact. Dormant oil can best be described as dilute petroleum jelly. Yes, like the stuff we put on wounds like burns.

Many insects overwinter in trees. Some make tent-like structures and live inside all winter long. Others just hide in branch forks and other places on the tree as they hibernate for the winter. Dormant oil covers these insects and smothers them in their sleep.

If you have only a few shrubs, you can buy dormant oil at your garden store and apply it yourself. If you have lots of plants, especially big trees, it’ll be more economical to call us. Our Plant Health Care professionals have the training and experience to know where the insects are overwintering and the high pressure equipment to reach the tops of tall trees.

Many put off lawn repair from last summer’s drought until spring. You can begin that as soon as the soil is dry enough to walk on without leaving footprints. It’s a good idea to give your lawn a good raking even if you didn’t suffer damage last year. You’ll pull out any grass that may have died over the winter. Overseeding early will give the new seed a head start on spring while nature is still irrigating. Your lawn will be well established before Mother Nature turns her faucet down or shuts it off.

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  1. I did not know that April was a good time for removing the extra inch or two of mulch you spread to protect plants from winter cold. It is also good to learn that April is a good time to arrange for a dormant oil application for your trees and shrubs. Hiring a landscaper would be a good idea to get your yard in good condition in a short amount of time. A local landscaper would be best because they are more familiar with your climate.

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