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Time To add Seasonal Color

This is the traditional time to plant annuals. Where, when and how many you plant depends on your tastes, time, ambition and, this year, the weather. Though short lived, annuals are among the most versatile plants. Your garden store has them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Most are small and sold in packages of […]

Caring For Spring Flowering Shrubs & Trees

Spring flowering trees and shrubs are nearing the end of their bloom cycles. Forsythia, one of the earliest bloomers, has completed its cycle and most of the yellow flowers have fallen. Many rhododendrons and azaleas are done, or soon will be. Lilacs are nearing the end of their blooming period, except for a few late […]

Bumper Crop Of Mosquitoes And Other Pests Expected

This year’s April showers left plenty of puddles in their wake. Perhaps puddle is an understatement. Rather, we had extensive flooding, which left a lot of standing water, and standing water is mosquitoes’ favorite breeding grounds. Besides being plentiful, entomologists expect an early hatch of these disease carrying insects. They carry everything from malaria to […]

Is Spring Fertilization Really Necessary?

Plants made food right up until they went dormant, and lived on that stored food all winter. Now that spring has sprung, their new leaves will again begin making food. To do that, however, they need nutrients from the soil, as well as water and sunlight. The macronutrients plants need are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) […]

Spring Lawn Care Dos & Don’ts

For most of us, that weekly lawn mowing ritual has begun again. There are also other spring tasks that should be done now, and a few that shouldn’t. First the “Don’ts.” There are still people who pay good money to have their lawns rolled each spring. Most of our soil is heavy clay, and rolling […]