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Have Your Trees Health Checked After Soggy Spring

Spring hasn’t been kind to trees any more than it has been kind to us. At least we had shelter but your trees had to stand out there enduring high winds, saturated soil and even flooding. This kind of weather also exposed your trees to all kinds of health problems. That’s why they should be inspected by one of our professional arborists. Conditions that may appear hopeless to the untrained eye may be repairable for a professional arborist.

Out arborist will start with the obvious: Did any branches break off? If they did, was it caused by the wind, insects or disease? If the wind caused the breakage, the stubs that were left may have jagged ends that won’t heal. That’s just the opening insects and disease organisms are looking for. We can trim the stub off right at the branch collar to encourage healing. While in the trees, we’ll also check for branches that broke and are still hanging in the canopy. These are especially dangerous because they can fall at any time.

Fungi are major concerns where trees were flooded or subjected to extended periods of “wet feet” from standing in soggy soil. We have specialized equipment and training to check tree roots, trunks and branches for cavities caused by decay. This will allow us to determine the extent of the rot and determine if the tree is still viable and for how long.

The fungi doing damage are microorganisms inside the tree. If you see mushroom-like growths on trees, they are fruiting bodies that indicate that the fungi are well established.

An inspection will also include a check of the root zone to be sure the tree is stable, a check for insect activity and a crown inspection to be sure there are enough leaves left to manufacture the food the tree needs to sustain itself.

When we finish with our inspection, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your tree has come through the storms a survivor or you’ll know what action you have to take to make your property safe for your family.

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