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Expand Your Outdoor Living

Patios can be so much more than a few folding chairs and a grill. Today, they are complete outdoor living rooms or three-season rooms. Check out home and garden magazines or television programs and see what’s going on in outdoor living.

Today, patios are extensions of a home’s inside living space with complete kitchens and living rooms. Many also have creatively-designed bars, pergolas, fire pits and water features. Those that are three season rooms have retractable shelter that can disappear in the summer and reappear in the shoulder seasons when the evenings are cool.

Outdoor kitchens have monster grills and refrigerators and, in some cases, wood-fired pizza ovens and even electric ovens for baking. Draft coolers for beer are also popular for those who like to entertain. The only limitations are your imagination and your budget

Outdoor living rooms have morphed into luxury areas with furniture that looks very much like your indoor living room. The furniture is upholstered and very comfortable. Some patios even have indoor/outdoor carpeting, sound systems and large, flat-screen TVs. Although the upholstery looks similar to that found in your indoor living room, it’s more rugged and treated to shed water. You’ll need a place to store this furniture in winter.

Although we are already into July, you could still have an outdoor room for the remainder of the summer and into the fall. Our design/build process makes it possible for our installation professionals to begin construction while our designers are still completing design details, which saves you a lot of time and money.

If you know, or even think, you want an outdoor living area, give us call to schedule an appointment with one of our designers. Their job is to make your ideas a reality. If you aren’t sure exactly what you want your outdoor living space to look like, meeting with a designer can help you decide. From their vast experience designing backyard oases, they have many ideas they will share with you to assure that your results are exactly what suits your taste and your budget.

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