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How’s Your Mulch?

Organic mulch like wood chips does multiple duty. It protects the soil by moderating temperature and meters water absorption. It adds the finishing touches to a planting bed or a tree’s root zone. As it decomposes, wood chip mulch returns organic matter to the soil. That’s why mulch is an important part of your landscape.

Earlier in the spring, I advised you to remove any extra mulch you had added last fall to protect your soil over the winter. You should have returned the mulch to a depth of no more than three-inches.

We had a lot of rain over the spring and this can speed up decomposition. Check the depth to see if that’s the case with your beds. If the mulch level is below two-inches, it’s time to add another inch or two.

Most of our customers prefer buying mulch in bulk because it’s more economical. We’ll deliver and dump it in the driveway or any another accessible place you would like. It’s much less expensive to buy in bulk than to buy it in bags at the garden center. And, you know you’re getting a quality product and helping protect the local environment. If you don’t want to spread mulch, our crew will do it for an extra fee, which is better than lugging heavy bags from the garden center.

The mulch we deliver starts as tree pruning waste, which would end up in landfills if we didn’t mulch it. After grinding into uniform chips, the mulch is aged until it turns the natural brown color we want.

There are other types of decorative mulch but we recommend wood chip mulch, unless there’s a compelling reason to recommend a purely decorative material. Our purely decorative mulches include natural stone like river rock, white marble chips and ground brick.

Mulching is the sure way to give your landscape a neat, finished appearance while helping to preserve the environment.

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