Fall Is For Planting

For some reason, it’s not common knowledge yet. Fall IS for planting. That’s why I remind you of it every year about this time.

As the seasons change, days remain warm while the nighttime temperatures dip. Although we don’t have to worry about sufficient moisture this year, in most years we wait for the rain to return in fall so we don’t have to irrigate. All of these conditions come together to give us excellent planting weather. Nurseries and garden centers respond by stocking up on fresh trees, shrubs and perennials, and marking down those plants that had to bear the summer heat.

Planting in early fall gives plants plenty of time to get established in their new environment under natural conditions before going dormant as winter sets in. Spring plants don’t have that luxury. The weather heats up and dries out soon after they are able to be planted.

Fall planting is done the same way as spring planting. Dig a hole two to three times wider than the root ball but only as deep. Remove the container or the rope holding the burlap in place and place the plant in the hole making sure it is perpendicular to the ground. Backfill and water well.

Our landscape professionals advocate fall planting as well. They’re ready, willing and able to plant your fall trees, shrubs and perennials. And, they’ll provide any necessary aftercare your plants may need.

2 comments on “Fall Is For Planting

  1. yeah, that’s right, first of fall is a great time to plants! Nice info

  2. This is great. Thank you for posting this article. I’ll use as my reference when i start my gardening project.

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