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Fall Clean-Up

Spring clean-up is a traditional transition from winter into spring but we seldom think about fall clean-up. We do the tasks that need to be done but don’t label them. Perhaps that’s because, in spring, we’re anxious to get outdoors and begin doing things in the yard but we aren’t anxious for what follows fall.

If you go into winter with a nice, clean landscape, you’ll have less cleaning to do in the spring. You’ll still have some cleaning to do but only the debris that accumulated after your fall clean-up.

Since you may never have made a fall clean-up list, here’s a checklist:

• Clean up all trash that has blown on to your property.
• Remove dead stems and leaves from perennials and toss them onto the compost pile.
• Divide perennials.
• Rake, blow or mow fallen leaves for mulch or compost.
• Apply grub control if your lawn needs it.
• Lower your mower blade to 2”-2 ½” and mow your lawn for one last time this season.
• Prepare your lawn mower and other power tools for winter storage, following the manufacturers’ instructions.
• Put your deck or patio furniture in storage.
• Bring your containerized plants indoors or place them in a cold frame for the winter.
• Finish harvesting veggies from your vegetable garden.
• Apply anti-desiccant to evergreens.
• Wrap tender young trees.
• Critter proof trees and shrubs.
• Mulch trees, shrubs and planting beds.
• Fertilize as necessary
• Have us inspect your trees and remove any hazards.

As you can see, the fall list is longer than the spring list. Some items may not apply to everyone but I included everything as a reminder where applicable. If this looks like a daunting task, we have trained landscape professionals who will make short work of it.

One comment on “Fall Clean-Up

  1. Your cool climate is way ahead of ours.

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